Airbnb Guest Wants to Extend Stay

You know that awkward moment when you’re the host and an Airbnb guest wants to extend their stay? How do you handle it? Here are some tips on how to deal with this potentially tricky situation. We all have our boundaries, but as an Airbnb host, you might feel a bit trapped in your own home. You want to be as friendly as possible without compromising on your values or safety.

You love hosting Airbnb guests. They’re interesting people who you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Getting to know them, sharing home-cooked meals, and introducing them to your city is a rewarding experience. Even so, it’s not always easy — especially if you have awkward or uncomfortable guests from time to time.

Thankfully, awkward and uncomfortable situations are rare. But when they do happen, you want to be equipped with the right words and actions so that things go smoothly again as soon as possible. When an Airbnb guest stays for more than one night, things get a little tricky. Let’s look at some tips on how hosts can deal with this situation effectively.

Does Airbnb Have Extended Stay?

You might be wondering if Airbnb has an extended stay policy. The answer is no, Airbnb does not offer an extended stay option or service. However, there are some hosts who do offer this type of arrangement and are usually marked as such on the host’s profile. But what should you do if a guest wants to extend their stay?

Airbnb hosts are typically only allowed to host one guest at a time, and the maximum stay for each guest is 30 nights. There are some exceptions to this rule: if you live in a condo and rent out your spare bedroom for instance, or if you use your residence as a vacation rental.

airbnb guest wants to stay an extra night

How to Extend a Guest’s Stay on Airbnb?

You might be a little surprised when your guest asks if they can extend their stay in your home. When a guest asks to extend their stay on Airbnb, it can be an awkward situation. As hosts, we want to be as friendly as possible while maintaining our values and safety. Here are some tips on how to handle this potentially tricky situation gracefully:

1. If you’re not comfortable with this request, kindly decline the offer and set boundaries for future requests. You’re not obliged to make exceptions just because it’s an Airbnb guest.

2. If you do decide to let them stay, communicate clearly what the rules are going forward so there are no misunderstandings about what is and isn’t allowed. For example, tell them which rooms they can use and whether they need to vacate the premises at a certain time of day. It will also help if you keep their luggage in one place outside of their room so that they don’t have access to any part of your home while they’re staying with you.

3. Put any limits or costs upfront before agreeing to extend their stay; for example, “you’ll need to pay an extra $50 per night after the first three nights.”

4. Try and establish a set departure time for the next day which means that you’ll be able to get back into your own space sooner rather than later.

Airbnb Guest Wants to Extend Their Stay an Extra Night

While you might feel a little trapped, the truth is that all you need to do is politely explain that you cannot offer an extension. If the guest is not okay with this, they will have to find another Airbnb host.

It’s inevitable that every now and again, you will get a request from an Airbnb guest who wants to stay an additional night. Some guests ask for this because they need a place to stay later in the day or because they are catching an early flight the next morning. Whatever their reason may be, the host is left with a difficult decision.

Can you have more guests in Airbnb?

Tip #1: Make sure you’re clear about your needs before accepting a guest. – The first step is making sure you know what you need. You might have certain rules for the house where pets are not allowed or you live in a one-bedroom and need time to prepare for other guests. Communication is key so make sure that the guest understands your needs and expectations when extending their stay with you.

Tip #2: Remember that you have rights, too. – You should also remember that as an Airbnb host, you have rights too. You might feel trapped in your own home, but remember that this person is paying to stay at your place and they’re likely looking forward to relaxing there after a long day of exploring the city. This doesn’t mean they can come and go whenever they please or make all sorts of demands, but it’s important that they respect your boundaries too!

Tip #3: Offer them another property – If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with the extended stay request, offer them another property for the same price within the next few days/weeks of their original booking date instead of turning down their request outright – unless it’s completely impossible due to being booked up. This will help avoid any negative reviews.

Be Transparent About Your Policies From the Beginning

The first thing you’ll want to do is be transparent about your policies. If a guest asks if they can extend their stay, be upfront with your response. Explain the terms and ask them to please respect those terms. If the guest says they need more time, have a conversation with them about it and try to work out an agreement. You might offer them a discount on an additional night if you know they might become a repeat customer in the future.

If you want to avoid awkward situations, it’s important to be transparent about your policies from the beginning. Make sure that your listing has all of the details a guest needs to know before they decide to book your space. This includes:

  • The number of times guests are allowed on the property
  • What amenities are available and what isn’t
  • Your cancellation policy
  • And any other pertinent information about your space

It’s best to set these expectations early on so there are no surprises for either side. Be clear with guests about how many nights they’re allowed on the property in order to avoid confusion or confrontation later.

This situation is tricky because you want to be as accommodating as possible without taking away from your personal comfort level or safety. A few things to consider when dealing with this situation is whether or not it’s a person of interest for Airbnb if there are any extenuating circumstances, and what you will do in the event of an emergency during that shift. For example, if you were hosting someone who lists themselves as a firefighter, would you let them stay past 3 AM?

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Respect Your Guest’s Decision Whether They Stay or Go

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to be as respectful as possible while still being honest. If they decide to stay, then make sure you let them know your boundaries. For example, if you have a pet that is not fond of strangers and you’ve mentioned this in the listing, then it is fair for you to say that your pet might bark when they come into the home.

It’s also important to tell them what your expectations are if they are staying for an additional night or two. Let them know in advance if you have certain rules like no smoking or how long guests can stay if they rent it for a week.

If at any point you feel unsafe or believe your guest is doing something risky or illegal, then always remember that it’s okay to ask them politely but firmly to leave. You can do this without having an argument while still being cordial and respectful of their decision-making skills.

Don’t Say Yes Right Away

The first thing you should do is take a deep breath, have a glass of water, and don’t say yes right away. Figure out your boundaries for how long you’ll be comfortable with an extension. If you’re not sure whether to accept the request, ask yourself if it would be more difficult for you to extend their time or for them to find another place to stay.

If you feel like it would be difficult for them to get another Airbnb host, then accepting the request might make sense. If you’re feeling conflicted and need some help deciding, reach out to other Airbnb hosts in your area or read the Airbnb guest policies.

Try to Be as Flexible as Possible

No matter the circumstance, try to be as flexible as possible. You want to make your guests feel at home and welcome, so if they want to extend their stay it may be worth considering. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to let them stay for more than one night.

1. If you have open space on your calendar and have no other guests coming in, then, by all means, let them stay!
2. If you have plans that will affect your availability for a few days or weeks, then politely decline their offer.
3. If you are going on vacation and your place is empty for those few days, then go ahead and let them stay.

If the guest has been good to you and you feel that they’ve taken care of your property, then it might be worth being as flexible as possible. You don’t want to be “that Airbnb host” who seems too rigid or demanding.

Know When to Say No

Sometimes it’s easy to want to say yes to an additional night or two. That’s understandable. But you also need to consider your own personal limits and comfort level. If you know that one of your boundaries is not allowing guests to stay more than one night, then be sure not to agree when a guest asks for more time. You don’t have to feel guilty about this; it’s your home, and you have the right to decide how much time your guests can spend there! Just explain the situation in a polite manner and move on.

Know when to say no. If the guest has been good to you and you feel that they’ve taken care of your property, then it might be worth being as flexible as possible. You don’t want to be “that Airbnb host” who seems too rigid or demanding.

Require an Additional Fee in Exchange for an Extended Stay

One of the best ways to deal with an Airbnb guest who wants to stay for more than one night is to require an additional fee in exchange for an extended stay. This will help you avoid any potential conflicts or misunderstandings and make sure you’re compensated for your time.

You might feel like the guest is imposing on your space, but you can ask for an additional fee in exchange for an extended stay. You don’t have to charge a lot — just enough to help offset the inconvenience of having them stay with you longer. Airbnb advises hosts to set their rates as they see fit and not let anyone tell them what they should be.

How Does a Guest Extend Their Stay on Airbnb?

If a guest wants to extend their stay, the first thing you could do is try to understand why. Maybe they’ve fallen in love with your home and want to stay for a few extra days. Maybe they just need more time to explore your wonderful city. Or maybe they’re feeling homesick and would like another day or two before going back home.

If you’re an Airbnb host and a guest wants to extend their stay, what are your options?

There are no hard and fast rules. You can let them stay for one more night or you could ask them to find another place to stay. If they contact you after the reservation is made, there is not much of a problem. But if they ask before the reservation is confirmed, it may feel strange to turn them down. Here are some pointers on how to deal with this awkward situation:

  • Be polite but firm in your decision
  • Be clear about why you want them to leave
  • Offer an alternative option such as staying an extra day at a nearby hotel
  • Avoid saying anything negative about their profile

Whatever their reasons, try to understand them and respond accordingly. But remember that if you feel uncomfortable with extending their stay, let them know this as well.